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Mekong Delta

In A Mirror Darkly (2014)

1. Introduction
2. Ouverture
3. The Armageddon Machine
4. The Sliver In God’s Eye
5. Janus
6. Inside The Outside Of The Inside
7. Hindsight Bias
8. Mutant Messiah

Vocals: Martin LeMar
Guitars: Erik Adam H. Grösch
Bass: Ralf Hubert
Drums: Alexander Landenburg


Aus Schwärzester Nacht (2013)

 1. Sirene
 2. Die Geister, die uns riefen
 3. Flamme
 4. Spieler
 5. In meinem Liedern
 6. In die Schwärze der Nacht
 7. Der Ruf
 8. Am Ende der Zeit
 9. Unter Deinem Licht
10. Na Sdorowje!
11. Am Rand der Welt
12. Für alle Zeit
13. Als in Dir nur Leere war
14. Ungebrochen

15. Herbst (Bonus Track)
16. In die Schwärze der Nacht (Bonus Track)

Mekong Delta

Intersections (2012)

1. Prophecy
2. The cure
3. Memories of tomorrow
4. Heroes grief
5. Shades of doom
6. The healer
7. Transgressor
8. Sphere eclipse
9. Heartbeat
10. Innocent?

Vocals: Martin LeMar
Guitars: Erik Adam H. Grösch / Benedikt Zimniak
Bass: Ralf Hubert
Drums: Alexander Landenburg


Atomic Ark

Atomic Ark is the new cinematic progressive metal project from French keyboardist Vivien Lalu. His assembled all-star cast reads like a "who's who" of progressive and power metal!

Martin LeMar (Mekong Delta) - Vocals
Mike LePond (SymphonyX) - Bass
Simone Mularoni (DGM) - Guitars
Virgil Donati (PlanetX)- Drums
Vivien Lalu (Shadrane) - Keyboards

Guests: Jens Johansson (Stratovarius)
Joop Wolters (Shadrane)
Jordan Rudess (Dream Theater)
Marco Sfogli (James LaBrie)
Mike Andersson (Cloudscape, Fullforce)
Peter Wildoer (Darkane, James LaBrie)
Russell Bergquist (Ex-Annihilator)
Ryan Van Poederooyen (Devin Townsend)

Artwork by award winning illustrator Travis Smith

Mekong Delta

Wanderer on the edge of time (2010)

 Intro – Concert guitar
 “A certain fool” (le fou)
// Movement 1 Interlude 1 –
Group “The 5th element” (le bateleur)
// Movement 2 Interlude 2 –
Group “The apocalypt – World in shards” (la maison dieu)
// Movement 3 Interlude 3 – Concert guitar
 “King with broken crown” (le diable)
// Movement 4 Intermezzo (instumental)
// Movement 5 Interlude 4 –
Group “Affection” (l’amoureux)
// Movement 6 Interlude 5 –
Group “Mistaken truth” (le hérétique)
// Movement 7 Finale

Vocals: Martin LeMar
Guitar: Erik Adam H. Grösch / Benedikt Zimniak
Bass: Ralf Hubert
Drums: Alexander Landenburg



Somehow I am involved in this. I wrote almost every vocal line and most of the lyrics (together with Daniel Z. Klein). If you listen very closely, you can also hear my voice somewhere in the backgrounds of a few songs. It's a great album and worth to check out, even if my contribution to this was more in the background and the composing.
But if you like prog in general I recommend this unbelievable stunning concept album by no other than Vivien Lalu. The vocal credits on that one go to Goran Edman as well as Björn Jansson (Tears Of Anger) and the awesome Henrik Båth (Darkwater).

Tomorrow's Eve

Tales From Serpentia
(LION MUSIC / 2008)

01. Nightfall
02. The Years Ahead
03. Dream Diary
04. No Harm
05. Remember
06. Succubus
07. Warning
08. The Curse
09. The Tower
10. Faces
11. Muse

Introduction to the album “And what are dreams but stories, badly told and half-forgotten? There was a time when a lot of my life consisted of dreams. Not the dreams that come at night and frighten or entertain and then are forgotten, like second-rate books you read on a plane. Not the fleeting day-dreams of idle moments, either. The dreams that come and stay if you stray too far into the realms of certain substances. The always there waking nightmares.” Author of the “Tales”. Since finding a stable home on Lion Music in 2006 with “Mirror Of Creation II -Genesis 2”. German’s based metallers Tomorrow’s Eve have gone from strength to strength thanks to the exceptionally high and original quality of their music coupled with an ultra-powerful live show that has been impressing audiences across Europe over the last 2 years.
Now, Tomorrow’s Eve are back again with a powerhouse of an album. “Tales From Serpentia”, a collage of short stories, written by a twisted mind; dark and dreadful fictions from the abyss. Musically Tomorrow’s Eve still performs progressive metal, but with an emphasis on catchy melodic vocal lines and heavy riffs. The band plays complex but always accessible songs, holding interesting details to discover over repeated listens. In short: very dark, very melodic, and very accessible.

Tomorrow's Eve

The Tower

The Tower was a special 4 track release. 2 of these tracks are giving a sneak peak at what's to come with Tales From Serpentia in 2008 The other two tracks were rerecordings of Tomorrow's Eves former albums.

The Tower (LION MUSIC / 2006) ‘The Tower’is a 4 track single containing new material and early band material re-recorded to better reflect where the band is at in 2007. It's a single to tease for the upcoming full length album. The music on ‘The Tower’ is dark and aggressive with the lyrics like episodes from 'The Twilight Zone', what also will be the concept of the bands next full length release.

01. The Tower
02. Remember
03. Success 2007
04. Not From This World

Tomorrow's Eve  

Mirror Of Creation 2 - Genesis II
(LION MUSIC / 2006)

"It is raining into my eyes. I smell the stale dirt and the rain and my own sour smell. I dreamt, and I try to remember my dream. I cannot.
I realize why my heart is hammering in my chest: I can't recall anything.
I blink..."

A story about the loss of hope, life and death, love, drama and a man without a name. Tomorrow's Eve are back and they invite you to a rollercoasterdrive, that starts, where MOC ended. A turning point?
A change of view? A change? Definitely!

2.1 Man Without A Name (0:46)
2.2 Amnesia (6:33)
2.3 Pain (3:25)
2.4 The Eve-Suite (9:00)
2.5 The Market Of Umbra (4:48)
2.6 Not from this world (4:14)
2.7 Eye for an eye (0:59)
2.8 Irreversible (4:56)
2.9 Distant Murmurs (5:31)
2.10 Rebirth (5:44)
2.11 Human Device (5:45)
2.12 The Trials Of Man (17:00)

All music written by Tomorrow's Eve
Lyrics and concept: Martin LeMar and Daniel Z. Klein

Martin LeMar / vocals
Rainer Grund / guitar
Oliver Schwickert / keyboards
Chris Doerr / bass
Tom Diener / drums

Guests: guestvocals on track 5 and 6 by: Jennie Kloos Cheeno
beware - you'll be addicted...
guestsolo on track 6 by: Vivien Lalu LALU
Metal beware - you'll go completely mad ;)
special guest appearance on track 12 by: Joshua Grund

All Cover and Bookletartwork by C.A. Beckston Monowasp

Book Of Reflections Chapter II  

Unfold The Future
(LION MUSIC / 2006)

Book Of Reflections – Chapter II: Unfold The Future is a potent musically accomplished mix of progressive metal and classic hard rock, showcasing strong melodic sensibilities. Lyrically the album is varied focusing on topics from distrust in the political world to a celebration of life along with a couple of sad love songs.
The album is home to a number of top class musicians from the Lion Music roster. Such as vocalists Martin LeMar (Tomorrow’s Eve) who handle 3 songs each. In addition to Mattsson’s fiery fretwork is the guitar talent of Anand Mahangoe (Sphere Of Souls, Solo). Mistheria (Bruce Dickinson) contributes keyboard solos on 4 tracks whilst long time Mattsson collaborator Eddie Sledgehammer plays drums.
Mattsson himself handles all other guitars, bass, keyboards and additional vocals.

Line Up :
Lars Eric Mattsson – guitars, bass, keyboards, vocals
Björn Jansson – vocals 1,5,8
Martin LeMar – vocals 2, 6, 9
Anand Mahangoe – first guitar solo 3, main guitar solo 8, first guitar solo 11 Mistheria – keyboard solo 5, 6, 7, 10
Eddie Sledgehammer – drums

Tracklist :
01. Unfold the Future
02. Bringer of the Torch
03. Free My Soul
04. Heal Me
05. Uncover the Lie
06. Ashes to Ashes
07. Make Sure You Don’t fall
08. Deep Inside
09. Blink of an Eye
10. Got to Get Low
11. Love Conquers All


Oniric Metal
(LION MUSIC / 2005)

Line Up:
Martin LeMar - Vocals
Vivien Lalu - Keys
Joop Wolters - Guitars
Russell Bergquist - Bass
Ryan Van Poederooyen - Drums

+ Lars Mattsson, guest guitar solo on track 2
+ Alex Argento, guest key solo on track 6

1. Yesterdayman
2. Wolven Eyes
3. Windy
4. Night In Poenari
5. Moonstruck (The Soulish Element)
6. Timestop
7. Starwatcher
8. Potboy: The Final Fantasy

Credits Mixed & Produced by Vivien Lalu Pre-mixed by Jay Van Poederooyen, Phil Hillen, Martin LeMar & Joop Wolters Mastered at the Lion's Cage / Finland by Lasse Mattsson Music by Vivien Lalu Arranged by Vivien Lalu, co-arranged by Martin LeMar, Joop Wolters, Russell Bergquist and Ryan Van Poederooyen Lyrics & vocal lines by Martin LeMar, and real few exceptions by Vivien Lalu.